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29 December 2010
About Us

Who are we?

Community Savings & Loans is the Credit Union for anyone who lives or works in Berkshire. We offer savings and affordable loans to our members.  

We are the local alternative to highstreet banks and doorstep lenders.

As a saver:

  • Your savings are safe - backed by a government guarantee
  • Your savings are re-invested in the local community
  • You will share in the success of the Credit Union

As a borrower:

  • You won't be charged any fees
  • You will get the loan that fits your circumstances
  • If your life changes we can be flexible

The Story So Far

A group of local people first got together in Reading in 2003 to bring the benefits of a Credit Union to the town. The group led by Stephen Magee worked steadily to gather support from local organisations and in 2007 Reading Credit Union began its operations when member number one was signed up.

Reading Credit Union grew steadily and by early 2009 had over 400 saving members and a developing loans business. During this period many requests were received from other communities across the county of Berkshire to expand its area of operations. 

As a result in 2009 a Project Group was set up to expand Reading Credit Union. The project successfully completed its work when in August 2010, Community Savings and Loans Ltd came into being. This new organisation, building outwards from Reading now covers all areas of Berkshire.

We are now seeking new volunteers and organisations to bring our services to every local community.